Be closer to your friends!
Use Shazuu to plan spontaneous activities, with friends and groups of friends.

What is Shazuu?

Shazuu wants you to be closer to your friends. The best way to do that is to plan real-life activities! Shazuu provides a great way to plan spontaneous and future activities.

Get together with friends

It is lunch time and you are at the Town centre. Are you going to lunch by yourself? Or are you going to use Shazuu to let your friends know that you want to have lunch? Just type "Have lunch". Shazuu will find nearby friends and send them a message. You can now plan where you'll eat and have much more fun than you'd have alone!

Map courtesy of OpenStreetMap and MapQuest

Plan group activities

Shazuu also provides a way for groups to plan activities. Just type "Go to the movies with this great group" and everyone from that group is notified. Now you can plan the trip to the movies and go there!

Your location stays private

Your friends can never see your exact location. When you create an activity, the city you're in will be shared. At no other occasion can your friends see where you are. Shazuu uses your location to calculate friends nearby and to invite them to your activity.

Proudly designed in the Netherlands.